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Peter Calvesbert

As master carver, Peter is the man responsible for the humorous Treasure Jest™ series. His works have captured the attention of collectors worldwide, although interestingly he has had no formal arts training.

Born in 1960 in Hereford, England, he first picked up a piece of modeling clay at the age of three but didn't pursue sculpting for nearly thirty years. He worked odd jobs during his youth, and when he fell short of money he painted china, a craft he had acquired when he worked as a ceramic artist at Boehms of Malvern.

In 1990 Peter experienced a stroke of good fortune. By that time Martin had realised he needed to hire a master carver for Antiquark and was interviewing for the position. Michael Tandy, Peter's friend, was one of the candidates and asked Peter to accompany him on the interview. As his friend was leaving the interview with the promise to carve some samples, Peter whispered to Martin that he thought he could carve a couple too. Michael returned with "The Ram" and what was later known as "Who'd A Thought." Peter brought a series of six ducks, four of which later became part of the Harmony Kingdom "Large Treasure Jest" series.

By 1992 Peter was earning a modest income from his carvings for Antiquark and from painting china. However, he felt it was time to embark on a "real" career, so he enrolled in a university journalism course. It is here where he met his wife Andrea, who was also studying journalism. By 1994 they were planning their wedding, which took place in September 1995. Many box figurines from this time are encrypted with wedding references. Both Peter and Andrea love wildlife, so their honeymoon was spent on a South African safari, which also figures prominently in some of his pieces.


Peter and Andrea live a bucolic life in the English countryside. They share their home with "Spike" the cockatiel, Peter's beloved dog Murphy, and a small ginger coloured cat named "LG" for Little Ginger, whose "pet" name is "Algy." Andrea is a great sport in letting Peter reveal in his art private details of their lives together and that of Peter's former girlfriends. One notable girlfriend that is referenced in a number of pieces is Zoe Bain, whom Peter met while taking a computer course at a London university nearly twenty years ago.

Thank goodness Peter gave up his journalistic aspirations. He works full-time as Harmony Kingdom's most prolific and well-recognised master carver. We can still enjoy his writings in the quarterly column "Planet Calvesbert" in Harmony Kingdom's newsletter "The Queen's Courier."

  Peter and Andrea Calvesbert



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