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David Lawrence

Collectors of Harmony Kingdom were introduced to David Lawrence's work with "Chatelaine," the first holiday angel released in 1995, followed by the 1996 release of the Harmony Circus™. Harmony Circus box figurines reflected his very English and very eccentric sense of humour. It would be hard to say which of his circus characters proved the most extraordinary. Was it the multirubberlimbed Il Bendi, the intrepid Henry the Human Cannonball or the silver-throated sword-swallower Vlad the Impaler?

David's next range, Angelique™, was on a completely different tack. The childlike angels that comprise Angelique were a reflection of the circumstances in which the artist found himself: his daughter Rose and her various friends from around the village filled his house with laughter and song and served as inspiration and models. His most recent creations are larger format animal box figurines from the Zookeepers Series, complete with hidden messages both inside and out.

David has always enjoyed the challenge of working in different fields and different media, the result of a "restless imagination" he says. Initially he was a painter in photo-realistic style and a medical illustrator. A good technical grounding enabled him to graduate to the hothouse of the advertising industry of West End London in the eighties.


The desire to work at something more lasting and meaningful led David to Harmony Kingdom and to the small village in Wessex where he lives with his wife and two daughters in a home that dates back to 1690. He loves the solitude of village life and takes great pride in its history. In addition to family and work, he has two other passions. He can be seen throughout the countryside performing with the Taunton Deane Morris Men, a troupe which practices the ancient English dance form known as Morris Dancing. His second passion is for his neighbourhood pub, which is as much a way of life in his village as the daily milk delivery.

  David Lawrence



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