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  Harmony International Ltd.: 1996

In the autumn of 1996, Harmony International Ltd. was formed to distribute the box figurines worldwide outside of the Americas. This company, jointly owned by Martin, Corinna, Noel, and Lisa, is headed by Nicholas Dangar and is headquartered in Wimberley Mills. Nick has put together a very able staff and through his tireless efforts has, over the last three years, succeeded in spreading his enthusiasm for Harmony Kingdom throughout the United Kingdom and the Continent, into Hong Kong and Japan and to other far reaches of the globe. It seems that Harmony Kingdom's popularity is without territorial boundaries.

Nick's family is listed in the Doomsday Book and is part of the English aristocracy. At the age of eighteen, he left the "upper crust" Stowe School to attend the "university of life" as he calls it. He set out to Australia and worked as a floor sweeper for a wine merchant. Within eight months, he was manager of operations. After returning to England, he continued in the wine trade for seven years. While the benefits were good (wine at lunch every day), he was looking for something more challenging. He co-founded The Hazelbury House Collection Ltd., a company that manufactures replicas of 17th-19th century antiquities. In November 1996, after selling his shares in the company, he joined Harmony Kingdom.

It is unusual for an English aristocrat to be such a hard worker. What's even more extraordinary is that Nick is such good fun! He is full of life and has many loves - sports cars, his beautiful home "Lilac Cottage," cooking and women! Always greeting people with a giant smile, Nick is the backbone to operations outside of the Americas.

Nick Dangar
Nick Dangar of Harmony International Ltd.




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