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  Variations on the Animal Theme: 1995

While at the 1995 Long Beach show, Martin, Noel, and Lisa discussed new themes to add to Harmony Kingdom. Treasure Jests had nearly limitless possibilities, but Martin didn't want to overtax Peter. In addition, Martin had recently met a promising new artist, David Lawrence, who was at work creating Harmony Kingdom's first holiday angel, 1995's "Chatelaine." One theme discussed at Long Beach that came to fruition was the Harmony Circus which was launched eight months later.

"I met Martin through one of those strokes of good fortune which seems to characterise the success and growth of Harmony Kingdom. Perhaps it is a strange conjunction of astrological phenomena - but at almost every turn people have come together with just the right skills at the right time. Martin was looking to expand on the wonderful success of Peter's work, and I was looking for a more meaningful form of creation. Advertising and illustration can be stimulating, but is a very aggressive and pressured world and I was constantly aware that today's all-important ad would be tomorrow's waste paper. I was looking to create something that people actually wanted and treasured and which would give them pleasure for years to come. So meeting Martin was the fulfillment of a dream," David mused.

When David was asked to carve Harmony Circus, "A period of hibernation, gestation and rumination took place. Then one morning I leapt out of bed - something had just clicked and within five minutes I had scribbled down the idea for Il Bendi, Winston, Henry, and half a dozen others. All that remained now was for me to make them. So I set to work. Martin allowed me great freedom. The one restraint he put on me was 'never sacrifice quality' which is a great luxury."




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