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 Retail Price Policy

Retailers: Please contact HBC or your Sales Representative for the complete policy.

If Harmony Ball Company determines that any Harmony Kingdom Product (including display pieces and damaged or unboxed products) are being sold or transferred from any location or by any person

  1. at below suggested retail prices, or
  2. to one whose shipments of Harmony Kingdom Products has ceased as provided in this Policy

Harmony Ball Company reserves the unilateral right to discontinue doing business with that retailer or person for non-compliance with this Policy.

“Below suggested retail prices” means to offer a price promotion or discount of any sort related or applied to Harmony Kingdom Products. This includes by way of example, storewide sales, store coupons, rebates, gift with purchase, purchase with purchase, discounts to special groups (for example, collectors’ clubs, senior citizens) and the use of any Harmony Kingdom Products as a premium or as a qualifier for discounts on other or future purchases of Harmony Kingdom Products or any other discounts.

However, the following activities are not violations of this Policy:

A.     Discounts on Harmony Ball Company second tier promotional items, such as journals, note cards, pens, clothing, etc. as designated by the company provided that any advertising of discounts or other promotional activity for such carried over products clearly states that Harmony Kingdom Products are not included in the discounts.

B.     Participation in any other promotional initiatives sponsored by Harmony Ball Company.

C.     Discounts to store employees of Harmony Kingdom Products in quantities consistent with use for personal consumption (not resale).

D.     Year round store or chain loyalty programs in which coupons, discounts or other rewards are issued based on on-going store purchases, so long as the loyalty program meets all of the following criteria:

  1. Harmony Kingdom Products are not referred to in the advertising or promotion of the program
  2. The program is available to all customers of the store or chain on equal terms
  3. The program has no qualifying requirements for participation other than being a customer of the store or chain
  4. The program covers purchases of all products in the entire store or chain made at any time; and
  5. The program treats all products in the entire store or chains (including all Harmony Kingdom Products) the same in all aspects of its operation

Note: Of course, loyalty programs that exclude Harmony Kingdom Products from their operation are not violations of this Policy.

E.     Acceptance of credit cards that provide benefits based on total charges.

F.     Introductory store credit card offers, which are available to all credit worthy customers and which grant discounts equally on all products in the store purchased with the customer’s first use of the credit card.G. In the event of closing of the store location or that store location making a decision to no longer carry Harmony Kingdom Products, discounting or price promotion of a Harmony Kingdom Product for a period of no more than six weeks, so long as the close-out circumstance is made clear to consumers through advertising or signing. Following such closeout activity, Harmony Kingdom Product will no longer be offered to customer.

H.     The transfer of Harmony Kingdom Products at wholesale between authorized Harmony Kingdom retail locations where shipments of Harmony Kingdom Products have not ceased as provided in this Policy.



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