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Murphy's Last Stand

Name: Murphy's Last Stand
Artist: Peter Calvesbert
Item No: TJPB
Collection Name: Treasure Jest
Subset Name: Small Treasure Jest
Exclusive To:
Made In: England
Status: Retired
Carving Date: 1997
Release Date: 6/1/1997
In Store Date:
Retirement Date: 10/1/1997
Edition Size: 10168
US Issue Price in USD: $45
UK Issue Price in GBP: Ł24.95
CAN Issue Price in CND: $55
Category: Box Figurine
Dimensions (Inches): 2.36 x 1.93 x 2.44
Ordering Information: Available at select HK dealers or through the secondary market.

S e c r e t s

Having followed their friend Murphy on a mad adventure to the North Pole, the two penguins are trying to push the polar bear off Murphy, who is trapped underneath as he scrambles to pick up his keys. Murphy last appeared in “Holding Court” smoking a cigarette. Oblivious to the excitement is a young penguin asleep on the magnetic pole on top of the polar bear’s back, which handily serves as the lid handle. The mouse is dangerously close to the bear’s bared teeth. Inside are Murphy’s four beer bottles. Look for the hidden inscription, “JC 1875,” a reference to the oldest woman in the world, Jeannie Calmont, celebrating her 122nd birthday in France at the time of carving. “Benson 9” on the rim refers to a 9-year-old horse that Peter sometimes borrows to ride with Andrea. Hallmarks include ©, heart, HBC logo, ed.#, and Pc.

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