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Tally Ho!

Name: Tally Ho!
Artist: David Lawrence
Item No: TJLFH
Collection Name: Treasure Jest
Subset Name: Large Treasure Jest
Exclusive To:
Made In: China
Status: Retired
Carving Date: 1998
Release Date: 6/1/1999
In Store Date:
Retirement Date: 4/14/2003
Edition Size: 10150
US Issue Price in USD: $65
UK Issue Price in GBP: £49.5
CAN Issue Price in CND: $100
Category: Box Figurine
Dimensions (Inches): 3.86 x 3.35 x 2.87
Ordering Information: Available at select HK dealers or through the secondary market.

S e c r e t s

A cunning fox dashes to his home beneath the earth, with bloodthirsty hounds in close pursuit. A cannon is poised at the entrance, and from the score board on the interior wall you can see that this is not the first time that the hounds have been outfoxed. Another clue to the fox's success is the broken spade that belongs to the “earthstopper.” An earthstopper is a hunter who stops up the fox's “front door” while the fox is out on his nocturnal rambles, preventing re-entry the next morning. “Taunton 7 miles” points you in the direction of The Rising Sun, David's favourite pub. David throws you off by hiding Peter’s mouse behind the sign. In the foliage is a barrel marked “TDMM” which stands for Taunton Deane Morris Men, a group of folk dancers, of which David is a member. The interior of Version 1 is the fox’s home complete with a fireplace. It differs from the Infinity Version in that the fox in Version 1 has a box of the finest fried chicken awaiting his return. Hallmarks include ©, star, HBC logo, ed.#, and DL.

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